Friday, April 17, 2009


When people ask for an individual's life goal why is "Live life without regrets" always seem to be at the top? What does that even mean? Are there really people out there that don't regret anything? and how do they manage that?! Are mistakes automatically regretted, but accepted because it's part of a learning process whereas regrets are just painful memories serving no purpose than to flag a decision we once made and will never have a chance to rectify?

As you might be able to tell, this is a topic I've recently devoted at least my partial attention to. I've concluded I'm ok with regrets - little regrets. Granted, those little regrets can easily lead to big decisions and changes that escalate into larger regrets, but at the time it wasn't possible to know or foresee those broader implications (ok it might have been possible, but not someone that has to be told clouds=rain). You guys know what little regrets I'm talking about right? Like not not sending a card for someone's birthday. Or not having time for a friend that's going through a hard time because, honestly, you have your own problems. Or not holding hands as you and your date walk to the movie theater. I'm going to stop writing before it becomes more apparent that I'm a horrible person.

It's the big regrets that hard to deal with; like never putting yourself out there, playing the "safe" game with no risk. Oh, and seeing The Village.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I had a whole post written in my head about that annoying Pizza Hut commercial, you know, that one where the customer and PH employee repeat the fact that a pizza mia is only $5.99 about a dozen times? Unfortunately most of the funny of this post depended on me being able to track and embed the video and apparently recording and posting annoying commercials to youtube isn't something people spend time doing. Will that stop me? HA! It merely turns a humorous post into another nasally whine-fest like all the others. Anyway, every time that commercial comes on I keep hoping a bus is going to come crashing through the Pizza Hut destroying all in its path and whimsically eviscerating our antagonists (protags?) Who comes up with an ad like that?

"Hey guys, we're gonna run a new promotion: $5.99 for a large, single-topping pizza mia. Get cracking on an ad, eh?"
*thirty seconds later*
"Then we're agreed, we'll just have a couple people on screen repeat the special over and over and over until we have no more customers?"

"Ok, so, back to Call of Duty then?" - YOU DON'T SNIPE IN CARRINGTON!

Then I saw an ad for Empire carpet, remember that one guys?! Five eight eight two three hundred emmmmmpiiiiiire! I remember seeing those commercials while watching Saturday morning cartoons and it was the same old guy pitching floor tile at low, low prices. You know what they've done to the old guy? They digitized him! I actually think he died about ten years ago and they're just using old sound bites from the 80s and his CGI doppelganger carries on the family business.

You know what else I hate about the pizza hut ad? One version has the guy saying 'I have six dollars, can I get a pizza' and the answer isn't "Yes" because that would be a lie, the answer is 'For $5.99'. And there's not even a disclaimer about additional taxes and fees. Five ninety-nine my ass it should say what it'll really cost - $6.48