Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pointless Analysis 2

My apologies, you've all been very patient and I really have no excuse for not posting a 'Welcome to 2011' message. I'm not too good at this whole blog thing - I'm sure this comes as a surprise to no one.

Anyway, welcome to 2011 and another round of silly analysis regarding grocery spending. Looking at this data indicates two things; food prices are going up and having someone live with you is kinda costly. I made 14 more trips in 2010 than 2009 (82 vs. 68) and the average trip increased from $27.98 to 31.61. I'm sure you've already done the math, but yes that means I spent an extra $690 on groceries in 2010. Savings stayed even at 33% and the best day to save was again Wednesday. Most costly month was September at $310 (compared to May 2009 - $307) and it wasn't close as 2nd place was October at $271. The biggest difference? In 2009 there were only two months in which I spent more than $200 in 2010 there were only three months I didn't (not counting July when I was in Europe for two weeks). And of course, you guessed it, those three months all occured before I had a roommate. Again, sorry it's been so long, I'll try to post more than once every six months in 2011. No promises though, might be busy moving =)


Anonymous said...

Do you use coupons?

Sonrisa said...
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